C-PAC envisions a future for patients in Colorado where their unique healthcare needs are met in a comprehensive way by highly qualified professionals.  We intend to support this vision with the following activities:

  • Assist in improving access to behavioral healthcare treatment
  • Promote systematic, evidence-based behavioral health screenings
  • Increase the capacity of primary care providers to deliver mental health care independently and team with local specialists when needed
  • Develop well-functioning primary care/specialist relationships among primary care providers and psychiatrists
  • Assure that scarce specialty psychiatric resources are directed toward patients with the most complex and high-risk conditions
  • Offer primary care providers real-time telephone consultation with a psychiatrist within 30 minutes of any request (8am-5pm, M-F, excluding¬† holidays)
  • Provide targeted, effective care coordination for patients who require specialty mental health care beyond what their primary care providers can deliver