Child/Youth/Adolescent Screening Tools

The following is a list of questionnaires and rating scales for use in the primary care office. They are evidence-based, user-friendly, and available as free downloads. They are organized by condition:


General Psychosocial Screen
  PSC (baby)
PSC baby Scoring
PSC baby (spanish)
PSC preschool 
PSC preschool Scoring
Pediatric Symptom Checklist-17 (PSC; parents)
PSC-17 (youth)
PSC-17 Scoring
PSC-17 (Spanish)
Modified Overt Aggression Scale (MOAS; clinician rating)
MOAS (retrospective; parent)
Nisonger Child Behavior Rating Form (CBRF long; parent)
Nisonger CBRF scoring
Outburst Monitoring Scale
Edelbrock Rating Scale
Vanderbilt Parent Rating
Vanderbilt Parent Rating (Spanish)
Vanderbilt Teacher Rating
Vanderbilt Teacher Rating (Spanish)
Vanderbilt Scoring
Vanderbilt Parent Follow up
Vanderbilt Teacher Follow up
Modified CHAT (M-CHAT; parent)
M-CHAT scoring
M-CHAT Follow Up
Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) downloadable tests for Child, Adolescent and Adult
GAD-7 Scoring
Screen for Anxiety Related Disorders (SCARED parents form
SCARED (youth)
SCARED child  (Spanish) 
SCARED parent (Spanish)
Bipolar disorder
Young Mania Rating Scale
Young Mania Rating Scale scoring
Child Mania Rating Scale-Parent (questionnaire)
CES-DC (Depression Scale for Children) (ages 6-17 yr)
Columbia Rating Scale (parent, youth)
Columbia Rating Scale Child ( Spanish)
Columbia Rating Scale Parent (Spanish)
Edinbrugh Postnatal Depression (mother)
PHQ-9 (modified for teens)
PHQ-9 teen scoring
PHQ-9 (adults)
PHQ-9 for Teens (Spanish)
Eating Disorders
Eating Attitude Test
Eating Disorder Questionnaires (online only)
Functional Assessment
Children’s Global Assessment Scale (CGAS; clinician rating)
General Medical  
Body Mass Index
Medication Side Effects  
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS; clinician)
Barnes Akathisia Scale (self)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder  
Child Yale Brown OC Scale (CYBOCS; clinician rating)
YBOCS (parents)
YBOCS Scoring
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  
Child PTSD Symptom Scale
Scoring Tool for Child PTSD Symptom Scale
Trauma Informed Care: Childhood Trauma and Health (great article!)
Prodromal Questionnaire Brief (PQ-B, psychosis screen ages 12-17)
Substance Abuse
CRAFFT     Self    Clinician
Suicide Risk Assessment & Self-Harm  
asQ Suicide Risk Screening Tool
asQ Suicide Risk Screening Tool (Spanish)
asQ Parent/Guardian Flyer
asQ Guide/Info sheet for PCP’s
Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) for children
C-SSRS training on YouTube Part 1
C-SSRS training on YouTube Part 2
Columbia Protocol for Communities and Healthcare (C-SSRS)
Non-Suicidal Self Injury Assessment Tool (Brief)
Non-Suicidal Self Injury Assessment Tool (Full version)
Tics Yale Global Tic Severity Scale (YGTSS)


The above screening tools have been gathered from a variety of sources that specialize in education, mental health diagnosis/treatment & research studies.

For a more exhaustive list of screening tools for Primary Care Prescribers click on this link (these are not the actual screening tools, rather a list of tools and their validity and reliability):