Adult Screening Tools

The following is a list of questionnaires and rating scales for use in the primary care office. They are evidence-based, user-friendly, and available as free downloads. They are organized by condition:


General Psychosocial Screen
  Healthy Living Questionnaire
Adult ADHD Self-Report Scale Symptom Checklist
Diagnostic Interview tool for Adult ADHD (lengthy)
Autism Spectrum Quotient (online only) for Adults
Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) downloadable tests for Child, Adolescent and Adult
Kessler (K10+) SELF Administered Distress Screen
Kessler (K10+) SELF Administered Distress Screen (SPANISH)
Kessler (K10+) Distress Screen INTERVIEWER Administered
GAD 7 (Spanish)
GAD-7 Scoring
Bipolar disorder
Mood Disorder Questionnaire
Stable Resource Toolkit
Beck Depression Inventory
Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS): English or Spanish 

The Family Four-Month Visit: A Multi-Generational and Multi-Caregiver Approach to Whole Family Health (fantastic article on screening dads and other caregivers for postpartum depression)

Geriatric Depression Scale (short form)
PHQ-9 (Spanish)
PCP Tool Kit for mental health in primary care
Eating Disorders
Eating Attitude Test
Functional Assessment
Mini-Mental State Exam with scoring/guide for PCP
General Medical  
Body Mass Index
Medication Side Effects  
Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS; clinician)
Barnes Akathisia Scale (self)
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OCD Screening Tool for PCP’s
OCD Screening Quiz (online only)
Yale-Brown OCD Scale for Adults
Personality Disorder (very few screening tools freely available)
  Borderline Personality D/O Screening Tool (MacLean)      
  Psymed Online Personality Disorder tests (online only, scroll to “personality tests”)      
Personality Disorders: Identification, Assessment & Interventions (lengthy research article with good info!)      
Prodromal Questionnaire Brief (PQ-B)
Psychosis Test (Mental Health America), online only
Substance Abuse  
SBIRT for the PCP office (from workflows, to screening tools, to instruction videos, to billing and documentation)
SBIRT info for Medicare/Medicaid in PCP offices (this is not the screening tool, is info on billing and how to implement SBIRT)
Suicide Risk Assessment & Self-Harm
asQ Suicide Risk Screening Tool
asQ Suicide Risk Screening Tool (Spanish)
C-SSRS for Adults (with training links for PCP)
C-SSRS for Adults (Spanish)
C-SSRS training on YouTube Part 1
C-SSRS training on YouTube Part 2
Columbia Protocol for Communities and Healthcare (C-SSRS)
Non-Suicidal Self Injury Assessment Tool (Brief)
Non-Suicidal Self Injury Assessment Tool (Full version)
Trauma (PTSD)
Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Questionnaire
ACE questionnaire with Resilience Score and ways to build resilience
Life Event Checklist (LEC)
Primary Care PTSD Screen (PC-PTSD)
PTSD Checklist-Civilian Version (PCL-C)
TIP on Trauma Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services


The above screening tools have been gathered from a variety of sources that specialize in education, mental health diagnosis/treatment & research studies.