Psychiatric Curbside Consultation

Primary Care Prescribers can access FREE telephonic psychiatry consultation within 30 minutes. Enrolled practices may call our toll free phone number, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. The phone consultation with a psychiatrist can be for diagnosis review, medication recommendations and/or treatment recommendations.

Care Coordination & Referrals

When patients need more than the primary care prescriber can offer within their clinic, C-PAC care coordinators are available to assist the patients in accessing out-patient behavioral health treatment. We will always close the loop with your office so you know where your patient was referred to.

Site Visits

We offer informal “lunch & learns” or formalized presentations at enrolled primary care clinics.  Your entire team can join these presentations and learn more about behavioral health.

Education & Training

C-PAC provides training for PCPs on specific behavioral health topics including psychopharmacology.  This is done in formats that work for the specific primary care prescriber, often times one-on-one at the prescriber’s clinic.