We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the Colorado Psychiatric Access & Consultation program (C-PAC). This program had formerly only been available to children under the age of 21. It now is inclusive of ALL AGES. C-PAC is a unique program that gives Primary Care Prescribers quick access to a psychiatric consult via phone and within 30 minutes with a board-certified psychiatrist. The best part is that C-PAC services are FREE! This service is open to all primary care practices (family medicine, pediatrics and internal medicine) that are currently accepting patients with Medicaid in Regions 2 & 4. However, this consultation service is not limited to only patients with Medicaid, we are “payer blind” meaning we can provide C-PAC services to any patient, with any type of insurance or no insurance at all. There is never a charge to the prescriber, the practice or the patient. C-PAC is funded by Northeast Health Partners and Health Colorado and is administratively managed by Beacon Health Options.  During the last calendar year we provided C-PACK services to over 1,600 patients in Colorado!


For your patients needing referrals/resources for behavioral health treatment, C-PAC staff can assist patients with accessing a network of behavioral health specialists and can assist patients in navigating through complex behavioral health systems. Additionally, C-PAC staff provide free behavioral health trainings to PCP offices and regularly check-in with practice staff to answer any questions/address concerns. We also provide resources for behavioral health screenings and assessment tools to augment your practice.


C-PAC services and consultations are available Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm (excluding holidays). We will always close the loop with you or your practice to ensure continuity of care.


Key Points about the C-PAC Program:

  • No cost to prescribers, practices or their patients
  • For ALL patients regardless of age or insurance status/payer source
  • Speak with a board certified psychiatrist within 30 minutes, or schedule a consult via phone if you prefer
  • The consultation with the psychiatrist can be for psychiatric diagnostic review, medication and/or treatment recommendations
  • We can assist patients in accessing out-patient behavioral health services and navigating complex behavioral health systems
  • We provide evidence based and up to date trainings on behavioral health issues most important to your clinic


To enroll in the C-PAC program or if you have any questions please reach out to Elizabeth Richards at: 719-579-7897 (o), 719-367-7164 (c) or via email Elizabeth.Richards@beaconhealthoptions.com